How Many are Sick in the USA?
Acute COVID-19 Infections
Long COVID-19 cases (estimate)
Covid-19 Immunizations
Covid-19 Hospitalizations
Covid-19 Deaths

Scientific Research
Scientifically evaluating available vitamins supplements, nutraceuticals and botanicals, pre and probiotics, enzymes, nutrition, diet and lifestyle for management of Long COVID symptoms towards recovery

Evaluating hypoglycemia, nocturnal hypoglycemia, prediabetes and diabetes development in post COVID19 condition
--ask your doctor about continuous glucose monitor if you have these symptoms

Is Long COVID a new viral mediated autoimmune condition or activation of existing genetic predisposition to autoimmunity?

Can nutritional interventions help remediate autoimmune conditions? could they help Long COVID  symptom management?

Evaluating the genetic components related to Long COVID symptoms
-patient genome risk factors for developing Long COVID
-gut microbiome during recovery

--Nutritional Immune Support Vitamins

Awareness & Education
Long COVID Sciences Forum
Acute COVID-19
Long COVID-19

Recovery Strategies
Long COVID Clinics
Comprehensive strategies:
Immune Supportive Diet
Nutritional Support
Gut Microbiome Remediation
Physical Rehabilitation, OT, PT
HELP treatments

Integrative Functional Medicine:
Traditional Medicine:
Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine




Live Webinar with Doctor G He will answer questions about successful treatments. LIve now August 6 130pm